Ode to Humility

Staying in my lane. 50% expert, 80% expert, 10% expert.  Yet I am the only one who is me.  

I don’t really need to be anything that I’m not learning or coming into relationship with, and accessibility is key.  How do we start even-ing the playing field responsibly but from the ground up?

I don’t need to be a bodywork “expert,” but I can still learn from my hands every time I palpate a baby or a body… Or even more importantly the relationship.   I can feel tissues release with touch or light pressure or lack of pressure or lack of touch from a completely different place.  I can feel the shift of that baby once space is created and then gravity calls.  

I am dreaming a midwifery that I want to have learned.  It is out there somewhere whether someone else is practicing it or not, no mind.  If they are, we can learn from one another. Maybe some will protect what is theirs or judge.  That is a risk we all take in doing work.  Maybe in humility, I then become fearful of learning to incorporate something someone possesses in case I share it again. 

I don’t need to be a breech “expert,” even if my desire is great about being able to preserve this craft and understand the nuances.  I know my own process and belief in my bones.  I birthed my children head down and head up, and they are the greatest teachers.  

We must be humble with the body and birth work.  Yet, we can also claim what we know.  Staying in my lane.  

Yet when people come in pain, we respond with touch and respect of the nervous system.  When people arrive with imbalances and immobility, I see the effects of them finding ways to move which in turn allows the baby to move.  

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