Classes and Workshops


Birth Preparation Classes


Birthing from Within® childbirth preparation classes assist in recognizing many ways in which we gather information and understanding not just in our head but also intuitively.  We work with birth from the mother, partner, baby and cultural perspective exploring tools that parents already have but may not have recognized.  This 6 week series delves into labor support, working through unexpected circumstances, bodywork and nutrition  in pregnancy, decision making when you don’t know what to do, pain coping, storytelling, and much more.  Classes are held at Wild Harmony Wellness in the Mission Valley area of San Diego on Sundays.  It is an awesome class.  Want to know more about Certified Birthing from Within Mentor's training?  Watch this!
Birthing From Within Intensive Childbirth Preparation Class
Sunday, April 21st (5-8pm)
Sunday, April 28th (5-8pm)
Sunday, May 12th (5-8pm)
Sunday, May 19th (5-8pm)
Encinitas, CA 

All Families Welcome! 





Birth Story Medicine / Birth Story Midwifery


Did you experience or witness a birth with unexpected, difficult or traumatic circumstances?  Are there moments that you replay in your head that linger?  After the birth were you left with feelings of confusion or powerlessness?  A Birthing from Within mentor describes Birth Story Medicine here.
This one-hour, private workshop reflects on your birth story and initiates steps towards reframing such unwished for or surprising moments that may have negatively affected you or your relationships with others.  Email to set up your individual session.  Cost is $75.






Storytelling and the Birth Worker’s Journey


This 5 week workshop focuses on story and its role in the birth worker’s journey.  We explore personal birth story that makes up our belief systems, ways of listening and telling story that highlight introspection and intuition for role modeling in the birth space.  We also explore traditional stories and how they can be templates for working with grief, trauma, and somatic experiences.  Three nights will be held in a classroom space and 2 nights will be held by the fireside.  Class locations vary and space is limited for quality sharing.  Please visit for more information.
 Dates coming soon!