Midwifery: Homebirth Services & More!

The Art Of Opening


Midwifery is a tradition rooted in standing alongside the birthing family throughout the childbearing year.  This work is a calling that has shared responsibility for both the midwife team and the family.  Building relationship is integral to this work with foundations in understanding the range of options for the childbearing year.
Prenatal care, the birth, and postpartum care can be altered to fit what is needed for each family.  For families expecting twins I offer the option of co-care, which includes nutrition counseling, balancing exercises, midwifery advice, and doula services for the birth. As the midwife, I find it important to spend time getting to know your health, past and present (even your vision of it in the future), as well as exploring ways in which you connect to your world.  Birth can be an intense time period, but it also is a time of great celebration.  
Interviews / Consults:  I encourage everyone seeking a midwife to interview with more than one so that you can find just the right person to support you through such an intimate period of time. Questions and discussions can be tailored to fit your needs.  Here are a few suggested questions as you find the best fit for your experience. You will find more online:
1. What brought you to midwifery?
2. What is your philosophy of midwifery and how does it influence how you practice? 
3. What happens in a prenatal visit?  How much time do we spend with you?
4. What does postpartum care look like?  How much time do we spend with you?
5. How do you envision your role in labor?  Who helps you and how?
6. If I were to be risked out of a homebirth, would you still be part of my birthing experience?  How could you help?  Would I receive a refund?
7. If I have to transport in labor to the hospital, would you accompany me?  If so, how long would you stay?  If not, who could accompany me?
8. How many births do you take a month?
9. What happens if you have 2 births at once or cannot make it to the birth?
10.  What are the benefits to the way your practice is set up?  What are the drawbacks, and, if there are any, what are your solutions?
11. Are you taking any time away from call during my due date window?  
12. How do you prepare for potential emergencies as a midwife?
13.  What do you carry with you to a birth (both traditional and more modern)?
14. Who comes with you to births?
15. How do you monitor the baby's heart rate prenatally?  Or in labor?
16. How many births have you attended and over what period of time?
17. What qualities do you look for in a birthing family / client?
18.  What is the best way for me to get a hold of you if I came into care? 
All Families Welcome!