Spinning Babies 

Nicole Morales is a Approved Spinning Babies Instructor who has qualified and submitted her application in full to Spinning Babies and attended a full Trainer's Course with completion in March 2015.
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Nicole sees Spinning Babies as a space where body work and birth collide.
As the architecture of our society changes, our bodies change to accommodate it.  Even those of us who are active might experience sports injuries or spend long hours at a desk or in the car.  Even babies sometimes have a challenging journey, for whatever reason, traversing the wide, open, terrain of the pelvis sometimes with their head off to the side a bit or not flexed.  There are simple things we can do to facilitate balance in this modern world.  There are certain tools we can learn using gravity and movement to help as we assist families on this journey.
Nicole believes that there is no magical guarantee of a short labor or that the baby will be head down with its chin tucked, but the question becomes how do we look at biomechanics (such as the levels of the pelvis and soft tissues) for balance and find solutions to help a baby descend who isn’t?  How do we hold the space for instinct when we can, and yet honor the need to do bodywork to help optimal maternal and baby positioning in labor?  How can we tune into labor and reduce the number of interventions done by birth workers or care providers?
Come join me as we explore Spinning Babies and integrate more understanding of balance, gravity and movement.  Come shift the paradigm.  It is a great addition to your bag of tools.  
Upcoming Workshops and Locations:  
Spinning Babies Follow-up Hands-on Practice with Nicole Morales (Locals Only)
Sunday, April 8th, 2018
San Diego, CA 
Spinning Babies with Nicole Morales
Saturday, June 2, 2018
Sacramento, CA 
Contact: Tina Lyon
Spinning Babies with Nicole Morales
Saturday, June 23, 2018
Irvine, CA 
Spinning Babies with Nicole Morales
Saturday, June 30, 2018
San Diego, CA 
Breech Body Balancing
Come and join us while we discuss how you can help families navigate their way through breech decision-making in the third trimester. Review palpation and information gathering for breech presentation, and acquire body balancing tools involving assessment, massage, pressure, gravity, and movement. We will also talk about pain patterns in pregnancy related to the same soft tissues that affect fetal positioning.
Breech Body Balancing (Advanced Spinning Babies with Nicole Morales)
Saturday, July 6, 2018
11:00am - 6:00pm
Vista, CA
Resolving Shoulder Dystocia

This 3 hour workshop reviews the cardinal movements of birth and how the lack of rotation of the shoulders can result in shoulder dystocia.  We will explore anatomy in relationship to 5 different types of shoulder dystocia as well as applying solutions to the level of the pelvis in which it occurred.  The class will also focus on the signs of shoulder dystocia and the maneuvers as they apply to fetal and maternal positioning with the use of gravity and space.  Some time will also be discussed in setting up for such emergencies and preparing for resuscitation following one.  MEAC CEUs 3 hours.
Resolving Shoulder Dystocia with Nicole Morales
San Diego, CA 
Registration coming soon! 
Spinning Babies Parent Class:  Body Balancing for Expecting Parents
This 1-2 hour class will discuss anatomy, maternal positioning, and ways we can reduce interventions in our everyday environments.  We will review the 3 Sisters of balance so that parents can use them throughout pregnancy for preparation for birth.  We will also discuss stretching and daily activities.   Good for general body balancing and connecting with partner or doula during pregnancy.  Also proactive for modern lifestyles or previous injuries that may affect balance and birth.  Parents with babies in the breech position are also welcome.  Limited space available.  $50 per couple.  Contact Nicole Morales for registration information.  
Next Class:  Body Balancing Tuesdays (2nd Tuesday of the month) at Wild Harmony Wellness Center,  2835 Camino del Rio South, Suite 210  


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